Monday’s Golf Tip of the Week of 8-13-12

Weight on your front foot.  While hitting a drive, end up with your weight on your front foot, as you gain your balance to watch the shot.  This move is very important for balance and a good, strong and straight shot.  I gleaned that yesterday, from a fellow golfer while playing in the Second Annual Primary Purpose Golf tournament at Applewood Golf Course in Lakewood, Colorado.  IT WORKS, IT REALLY DOES!  



Will walking make your golf game better?

I have held steady in my seven years in the golf bag business, that walking is the way to go.  Now, please listen to what this doctor has to say. After all, it was my doctor who suggested I “get off my pockets and walk the courses”.

Article from – Author, Dr. Richard C. Myers

Walking or riding a golf cart?  Which option is most likely to help you play a better game of golf?  Well, it seems that walking is the real key to a better golf game, and in more ways than one.  For one, it improves rhythm and focus, because it allows you to think about and focus on your next shot.

Golf carts are destructive little critters whose ability to damage a course is well known amongst green keepers and golf course maintenance personnel the world over.

Golf carts chew up the rough and, even though they are banned from the traps and greens, wayward golfers often wreak havoc there as well.

While you might think that rolling resistance of four tires would be far less damaging to today’s hearty grasses than the effects golf shoes and dragging heavy golf bags, you’d be wrong.

That’s why so many courses restrict carts to marked paths only, and some courses have banned golf carts all together.

But the health of the golf course isn’t the only reason that walking is better for your game than riding is.  Walking is much better for your health as well.  While golfers who drive carts will only burn around 200 calories per 18 holes, walkers can burn as many as 500 or more. (You can find more information on this subject at our website,

Plus the cardiovascular benefits of golf include:

Strengthening the heart muscle itself *Lowering blood pressure *Lowering bad cholesterol levels while raising good ones are greatly enhanced for those who walk.

Golf requires the coordinated efforts of over twenty muscle groups to play the game, and each of those muscle groups will perform a lot better if they get the opportunity to walk along the course with you.

Walking also increases your lung capacity which, in turn, delivers more oxygen to help your body produce more energy.

So far we’ve seen that walking the golf course can make your golf game better by promoting good health for both you and your favorite greens.  Now it’s time to look at the “Zen” side of the walking versus riding debate.  (“I really like this part of walking…I experience it every time I golf while walking”. SAS)

Walking provides the additional “woo woo” benefit of allowing you to “become one with the course.” Forget the new age implications, there’s really something to this.  Zipping around the course at golf cart speeds is like driving through a new area and staying on the interstate.  Sure, you can say that you’ve “been there”, but did you really learn anything about the local sites and attractions?

The same holds true for walking on the golf course.  When every step you take puts you in actual contact with the course, you end up getting a much better feel for the peculiarities of the course including slops, rolls, bumps, water, wildlife, and other interesting items that commanding a golf cart would never let you see.

So the next time your partner asks if you want to walk or ride, say “ride” and if they do not, whip out a copy of this article and show him or her why walking actually improves your golf game.  Not only that it saves you money too!

To be continued.

The Last Twiggy SASsy Golf Bag is Gone

A big thank you to S. Brooks, who recently purchased our last Twiggy SASsy Golf Bag.  Shipped it out to Fort Collins on Saturday, and looking to playing a round of golf with a new enthusiastic lady golfer!  I’ll be looking you up Ms. Brooks!  Thanks again for your business. 

One of my favorite sayings from a golf movie:  “read it, roll it and sink it.” 

Susan A. Schmidt

Creator of the SASsy Golf BagImage


Saturday Tip of the Week (Putting Tip)

When golfing in the late afternoon, let the sun be your teacher and the mirror for observing your putting swing. Take a quick look at your swing and see if you are swaying in your putting swing.   For putting, you need a solid foundation, where only your shoulders move.  Now, try leaving your golf bag on while putting.  Hopefully, you are walking and using a walking bag to get the full benefits of the game.  To learn more about the benefits of walking, go to my website  Feel how this stablizes your swing and gives you a good foundation. After trying that a few times, putt without the bag on your shoulders; visualize that prior weighty feeling in your mind and it will help stablize your putting swing.  I’ve tried this and it works!

Susan A. Schmidt, Creator of the SASsy Golf Bag

Saturday Golf Tip of the week – geard toward women golfers today

I promised, now I’m delivering.  I absolutely love to golf.  The best golf tip I ever received is to hit like a man with the two cigarette burns near the shoulders of his shirt!  Seriously, in a book I read many years back, it talked about how men drive the ball, compared to women.  This particular pro golfer of the 50s, had a swing that opens up the shoulders, so that each side of your chin, touches your shoulder.  Men do this, women tend not to because, well, you know, our atonomy, so to speak.  Men don’t  have them to get into the way of their swing.  Try it, you will be pleasantly surprised.  Any questions?  Don’t  hesitate to call, email or come out and play nine with me.  I would absoluted love the latter.  Did I mention that I love golf?!


Help for those in need right now.

Help for those in need right now.

I recently researched how to help people who have lost their homes in creative ways.  I currently cannot donate financially, but I will be opening my home to a family in need by going to  Anyone can donate space, clothing, household items, etc. at this site.  Just click on donations and explain in detail what you can offer.    On the main page, it says that rooms with not be accepted, however, if you click on GIVE, you can still help in donating space in your home, or whatever else you can offer to help in the way of household goods, etc.  Thanks.  Susy