Saturday Tip of the Week (Putting Tip)

When golfing in the late afternoon, let the sun be your teacher and the mirror for observing your putting swing. Take a quick look at your swing and see if you are swaying in your putting swing.   For putting, you need a solid foundation, where only your shoulders move.  Now, try leaving your golf bag on while putting.  Hopefully, you are walking and using a walking bag to get the full benefits of the game.  To learn more about the benefits of walking, go to my website  Feel how this stablizes your swing and gives you a good foundation. After trying that a few times, putt without the bag on your shoulders; visualize that prior weighty feeling in your mind and it will help stablize your putting swing.  I’ve tried this and it works!

Susan A. Schmidt, Creator of the SASsy Golf Bag


Saturday Golf Tip of the week – geard toward women golfers today

I promised, now I’m delivering.  I absolutely love to golf.  The best golf tip I ever received is to hit like a man with the two cigarette burns near the shoulders of his shirt!  Seriously, in a book I read many years back, it talked about how men drive the ball, compared to women.  This particular pro golfer of the 50s, had a swing that opens up the shoulders, so that each side of your chin, touches your shoulder.  Men do this, women tend not to because, well, you know, our atonomy, so to speak.  Men don’t  have them to get into the way of their swing.  Try it, you will be pleasantly surprised.  Any questions?  Don’t  hesitate to call, email or come out and play nine with me.  I would absoluted love the latter.  Did I mention that I love golf?!


Help for those in need right now.

Help for those in need right now.

I recently researched how to help people who have lost their homes in creative ways.  I currently cannot donate financially, but I will be opening my home to a family in need by going to  Anyone can donate space, clothing, household items, etc. at this site.  Just click on donations and explain in detail what you can offer.    On the main page, it says that rooms with not be accepted, however, if you click on GIVE, you can still help in donating space in your home, or whatever else you can offer to help in the way of household goods, etc.  Thanks.  Susy

June 8, 2012, by Susan A. Schmidt

A Touch of SAS, LLC and SASsy Golf Bags.

I have made a new golfing girlfriend and I’m excited to tell you, after years playing with lots of men (not that I minded that all that much, tee hee) but Jennifer is really fun to play with.  I like her golfing style and calm spirit.  I had never played Westwoods.  It is a very  pretty course, with a couple challenging holes.  We played the Silo through some sprinkles and dark clouds for nine holes .  The iffy weather subsided, to where we could just play and have a good time.  We had to laugh, however, at our score at the end.  Of course, we will improve, Jen!  We all have off days, and a good golfer in my mind is one who can not take the game of golf or life too seriously, except for the big stuff, like lightning and major life events.  So, there you have it.  Hit em long and straight. Oh and good reads for putting helps too.  Remember the saying about putting?  “Read it, roll it, sink it.”

Discover the designer in you.

Hi, I’m Yvonne Hines and I manage a fabric store at 42nd and Wadsworth in Wheat Ridge, CO.  Come see me and let me help you discover the designer hidden in you!  We have a wonderful selection of fashion, deco and quilting fabrics … all of which are interchangeable in any of your designs.  Choose a deco fabric and design a jacket.  Or, how about a beautiful fuzzy fur for a pillow!  Into quilting?  How about incorporating fashion fabrics into your quilts?  Crazy quilting is a great way to use silks, velvets and the like.  Hope to see you soon!

Another big thank you.

Franceen is a new friend of mine, who recently bought her 90 year old mother, who she cares for, a beautiful new, Nettie’s Cardi-Shirt.  These great cross between a sweatshirt and a cardigan are great for the cooler evenings or mornings for that matter, or for our loved ones to wear in air conditioning or to a ball game.  Franceen’s Mom, “just loves hers.”  She said, “The kelly green is so bright and the trim is cheery.”  it is so comfortable and pretty. 

Our Cardi-Shirts aren’t just pretty for the ladies.  The men’s Cardi-Shirts are great too and can be custom made to your honey’s hobbies and interests or life accomplishments.  I recently made one for my Dad who served in the navy.  It was navy with fleece navy tones out of red, white and blue.  It was complete with pockets and a small pocket inside, where he likes to carry his wallet.  A photo is available for anyone interested. 

Have a great week. (contact information is available there.)  Remember Fathers’ Day on June 17th!  Coming up quick, hint, hint for a comfy, stylin Cardi-Shirt.   Prices start at $29.95.