June 29, 2013 Walking Golfer Society and SASsy Golf Bag Event

June 29, 2013 Walking Golfer Society and SASsy Golf Bag Event

This event was great and a fantastic round of golf played at CommonGround Golf Course in Aurora, Colorado.

Foothills Golf Course

Logo.smallA good friend of mine and I played Foothils Golf Course on Friday, April 26, 2013. What a nice walking course. The play was paced well, even though it was a weekend day. It seemed that most holes reared left to the green. Just as golf is: I had a pretty good round going until I got a 15 on one hole! It was bad from the start. A N Y W A Y, I still had a blast. If no one has told you I absolutely love to play golf! By the way, City Park has a co-ed 9 hole league at 5:30 p.m. on Fridays. All you have to do is call ahead and tell them you would like to play on the upcoming Friday, and you are in! My kind of league. It’s only $20.00 to boot! Hope to see many of you readers there.

Reasons why I love to golf…

The walk.  The courses are so beautiful.  At times, like yesterday after work while playing I took a picture with my phone of some beautiful, huge willow trees at Highland Hills Golf Course.  I caught up to another single player and we were able to get eight out of nine holes in before it got too dark.  He was a quiet man, determined, focused and kind; right up my alley as far as golfers go. 

So, today, while at work I can pull out my phone and go to that shot and smile.